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Marcello Gómez Maureira

Ger van Elk

Amber Isabel

Jeroen Eisinga

Peter Jansen

Lonneke van der Palen

Csilla Klenyanszki

Stefan Da Costa Gomez

Robbert Weide

Qiu Yang

Semâ Bekirovic

Kalverstraat, hd video, 3:00 An attempt to create a square of free space in Amsterdam’s most crowded street. Event Horizon , hdvideo, 4min, 2010. A landscape is gradually…

Ahmet Ogut

Mission Calls (2008-2009) is a work composed by three large drawings that appear as a short storyboard of a performative act that anyone could do. The sequence shows…

Harmen de Hoop

Tom Frencken

Emergency Cabinet : This cabinet keeps a bible to prevent you from reading it until its absolutely necessary

Niko Princen

Krista Van der Niet

Paul Kooiker