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Bradley Pitts

What does it mean to listen to someone else’s ears? Can two people experience the same space at the same time? I want to slip between your ears and allow you to slip between mine. Body Flux Performance/Installation Body, Environment, Food, Plastic, Audio Recording, Video Recording, Hair, Nails, Urine/Feces, Sweat, Breath What is the body? How does it act as a volume of flux? Inputs: air, food, drink, information (light, sound, smell, touch, taste, etc.), etc. Outputs: breath, sweat, urine, feces, information, hairs, nails, skin, etc. Donning the Void Performance/Device Vacuum, Polycarbonate, Body, Fabric The Vacuum Cuff allows the wearer to wrap themselves in vacuum as they move through their day, bringing empty space to the realm of the everyday/commonplace.

Untitled Black Video

Martijn Hendriks

2009 Reconstruction of a leaked cellphone video of Saddam Hussein’s execution using found comments on the video posted on web forums on the first day of the video’s appearance 8 mins 34 seconds Single channel video projected on black painted surface Black and white, no sound Installation view (see documentation video) This is where we’ll do it #5, 2008 YouTube video that was downloaded, partially erased and uploaded to YouTube again 18 sec loop, black and white, no sound From This is where we’ll do it, series of YouTube videos from which the performing people were erased XXXXXXXXX in the Expanded Field, 2008 Downloaded copy of Rosalind Krauss’ essay ‘Sculpture in the Expanded Field’ from which all references to art were removed using standard methods of redaction Redistributed pdf, unlimited laser prints