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Google Portrait Series

Aram Bartholl

Google Portrait Series Four Google self-portraits commissioned by Microwave Festival, Hong Kong, 2009. Each code represents a visual enryption of a search on ‘Aram Bartholl’ in a specific language on Google. A Google Portrait is a drawing which contains the Google URL search string of the portrayed person in encoded form. Any camera smart phone is capable to decode the matrix-code with the help of barcode reader like software. The result points the mobile phone browser to a search on the portrayed person’s name at Google. A large number of people can be found by name on Google today. Everyone who is working on a computer and uses the internet regularly can be found on Google. Even people who don’t use computers can be found sometimes because their names appear in ‘old’ media (i.e. books) on the net. ‘Egosurfing’ is a popular way for a user to find out what websites and information Google returns on his/her name search. How many hits does Google show on my name? Am I popular? Do I want to be found at all? Who writes about me? What do people find out about me when they google my name? Am I in concurrence to

Johannes Vogl

Fünf Monde (Five Moons) Four lightboxes with drawings of a moon mounted on tower cranes at a construction site Installed in Vienna (AT) 2007/08 South Tyrol (IT) 2008/09 Tower cranes, lightboxes, scratch drawings Dimensions variable (lightboxes: 200 x 200 x 25 cm)

Barbara Breitenfellner

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, USA The work consists of four free-standing walls, which form an interior space made entirely of upside down mass-produced, sentimental landscape paintings. Inside sits a construction made of cardboard, reflective insulation and aluminum foil with a flickering amateur film sequence showing on a household monitor. Material: Metal studs, found oil paintings, poles from tent canopy, cardboard, insulation, furniture and objects, aluminium foil, video monitor. Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, Omaha, USA