Category: Installation

vaguement déplacer un arbre

Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost

vaguement déplacer un arbre Proposal to move a tree in Paris/France. Vaguement déplacer un arbre = Jörn Aram Bihain (V+), Thierry Decuypere (V+), Denicolai & Provoost, Gauthier Dewez, Sylvie Eyberg, Pierre Huyghebaert (speculoos), Diane Steverlynck.

Balcon additionnel

Julien Berthier

Service for installing a plastic Haussmannian-style balcony on all kinds of buildings. The additional balcony cannot be separated from the boom-truck that allows it to be quickly fitted/removed. One Saturday morning at 7 o’clock on a blind wall in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. The façade, using the local architectural codes, occupying 10 cm of public space, is mounted and glued on in thirty minutes. Almost 4 years later, the adress still exists. Regularly graffittied, it is cleaned out by the city service.