Category: Installation


Lawrence Malstaf

2 conveyor belts of about 13m long are set up next to each other and running in opposite directions. People can lay down on them to be transported very slowly. Hidden under the surface an invisible mechanism produces a subtle yet intense tactile experience for the spine. Halfway the trajectory the visitors are confronted with 2 horizontal mirrors moving up and down above them.

Road Sign landscapes

Nick Peelor

Found framed landscape paintings, steel, placed in green mount west, Baltimore MD.

Chris Burden

Chris Burden has created this piece Metropolis II, a kinetic sculpture consisting of 1200 Hot Wheels cars.


Thomas Mailaender

During summer 2006, Thomas Mailaender invited Benoit Dutherage, twice vice-world champion of sand sculpture, to spend one week with him on a beach. Thank pietmondriaan ;)

Emergency Cabinet

Tom Frencken

Emergency Cabinet : This cabinet keeps a bible to prevent you from reading it until its absolutely necessary

Death is the only certainty in life

Sebastian Errazuriz

Beach with a banner that reads: “Death is the only certainty in life”. The original phrase intended for the project read: “We are all going to die”. Nevertheless the Federal Aviation Administration decided to censor the project due to the alarm such a phrase could create amongst the population. A series of phrases related to the awareness of death and life were sent to the airline for the approval of the FAA. “Death is the only certainty in life” was allowed. Its shorter version: “Death is the only certainty” was not allowed.