Category: Computer art

Random Strangers

John Ryan Brubaker

For the last year I’ve been doing a field work of sorts on Chat Roulette, a website on the fringe of the social networking frontier. The site connects a user with a random stranger, anywhere in world, via live video and audio link. My fascination with Chat Roulette stems mostly from an Anthropology background that was focused in new social interactions and concepts such as “space” vs. “place” in modern society. People have been spending time in chat rooms, forums and social networking circles for over a decade, but Chat Roulette’s live video connection feels more like a “place” to me than a “site”. The experience can in ways be compared to the city street or social event, where you cannot chose to simply observe, but must allow oneself also to be seen. In certain ways it’s more immediate, as the connection is usually between just two individuals, likely in their homes, sharing a view into each others intimate personal spaces.

Simon Seen

L’hôtel des sapins 2008, interractive video installation, 12 min. Three women and three men are naked and masked. They each have a number assigned. The action takes place in an abandonned building. Each protagonist holds a camera in his hands. Everyone of them must film the other persons without being seen by the other moving came ras. Four extra static cameras are filming the whole scene. The ten resulting videos are precisely synchronised. The installation of the work is an interactive video in wich the spectator can navigate between the different viewpoints with a remote.

Active Military and Reconnaissance Satellites of the United States of America

Trevor Paglen

Active Military and Reconnaissance Satellites of the United States of America is a multimedia installation visualizing orbits of classified American spacecraft. Code Names : Thousands of code-names of classified military programs active between 2001 and 2007.