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Balcon additionnel

Julien Berthier

Service for installing a plastic Haussmannian-style balcony on all kinds of buildings. The additional balcony cannot be separated from the boom-truck that allows it to be quickly fitted/removed. One Saturday morning at 7 o’clock on a blind wall in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris. The façade, using the local architectural codes, occupying 10 cm of public space, is mounted and glued on in thirty minutes. Almost 4 years later, the adress still exists. Regularly graffittied, it is cleaned out by the city service.

Clos Mobile

Nicolas Boulard

The Clos Mobile is a mobile vineyard. Planted at 100% Chardonnay, this hillside follows strictly advice given by Jean Antoine Chaptal in his treatise published in 1819 “The Art of Making Wine” : the influence of climate, soil, exposure, seasons and culture of the grape. Le Clos Mobile has an ideal orientation to the sun, south southeast, clay and limestone geology, slope of the plot slope. The Chardonnay was selected for its adaptability to different climates. Furthermore, it is likely to give very different flavor depending on soil, climate and winemaking.This nomad vineyard will travel through different landscapes and climates. H2O applies chemical procedures from the oenological industry to water (water, sugar, chemical yeast and fermentation activators). Alcoholic water with an 11% proof. When tasted, H20 reveals aromas of wine (due to the chemical yeast) as well as hints of almond and honey. The spectrum Finement boisé (Delicately Woody), is 100% Chardonnay white wine with different quantities of added oak cubes.