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The WA


Robbert Weide

Filippo Minelli

“forever” 2011, temporary light-projection, 80×60 cm

Isaac Cordal

Robert Montgomery

Josh Shaddock

Aram Bartholl

Isabelle Hayeur

Nick Peelor

Found framed landscape paintings, steel, placed in green mount west, Baltimore MD.


This autumn TransPlant starts, a creative project about liveability in the city of Hasselt (Belgium). 46 artists and designers were recruited for TransPlant to produce creative interpretations in…

Rachel de Joode

Mark Newport

Oskar Dawicki

Donna Wearmouth & Simon Walvin


The things one finds wandering in a landscape: familiar things and utterly unknown, like a flower one has never seen before, or, as Columbus discovered, an inexplicable continent;…


Nuage Vert from HeHe on Vimeo.

Johannes Vogl

Fünf Monde (Five Moons) Four lightboxes with drawings of a moon mounted on tower cranes at a construction site Installed in Vienna (AT) 2007/08 South Tyrol (IT) 2008/09…

Boris Achour

Conatus : AMIDSUMMERNIGHTSDREAM (2008) from boris achour on Vimeo.

Richard Wilson

Turning the Place Over – Richard Wilson, 2007 from Liverpool Biennial Richard Wilson on wikipedia