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Éric Duyckaerts

This installation consists of a five and a half minute video and ten pictures. In this video, I put myself into the skin of a vague coarse rapper who unfurls over the name of the great German philosopher a string of thoroughly out-of-place insults in French and English (out-of-place, that is, in the philosophical debate). This crazy displacement is the comic mainspring of the video. The pictures play on a different chord: they borrow images coming from the video, in the upper half, and words of German vocabulary in the lower. The link is the same as in Masse sur comptable. The upper images are focused on the red shoes of the phoney rapper. The blur of the moving image is rendered by keeping the texture of the video image and the aerial character of the shots. The letters detached from the wording in the bottom part have the weight of things that cannot be counted. They refer to the absurdity of the insults associated with the name of a philosopher. How to draw a square – E. Duyckaerts envoyé par leoscheer_tv. – Films courts et animations. A mini video-lecture. Great to speak an English which has an accent vaguely