Category: Video

Simon Seen

L’hôtel des sapins 2008, interractive video installation, 12 min. Three women and three men are naked and masked. They each have a number assigned. The action takes place in an abandonned building. Each protagonist holds a camera in his hands. Everyone of them must film the other persons without being seen by the other moving came ras. Four extra static cameras are filming the whole scene. The ten resulting videos are precisely synchronised. The installation of the work is an interactive video in wich the spectator can navigate between the different viewpoints with a remote.

Dara Birnbaum

Dara Birnbaum – Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman (197envoyé par merzboy. – Regardez des web séries et des films.

Different ways to rest 3

Erik Berglin

Everything Is Borrowed The work Everything Is Borrowed consist of a selection of collages made from my ever-growing collection of found images, the collection is constantly undergoing structuring, categorizing, organizing and reorganizing. I’m interested in the connections and similarities I find between famous works of art and pictures made by anonymous people. Finding images on the internet is just like finding something in the public domain, internet based material becomes general cargo. As I see it, all art and creativity is a result of old ideas mixed with each other in new ways. Interest in so-called “found photography” has increased in its digitalized form, probably because the pictures have been detached from their origin and therefore cant be tributed to any one in particular, like postcards in a flea market. On pages like Flickr and Ffffound the constitution of the collection and the persons ability to find interesting pictures is what gets credited by other users. Everything Is Borrowed serves as a staging of this new information flow and its consumption patterns.

Benjamin Gaulon

RandomMe™ Demo from recyclism on Vimeo. RandomMe demo 3 from recyclism on Vimeo.


Semâ Bekirovic

Kalverstraat, hd video, 3:00 An attempt to create a square of free space in Amsterdam’s most crowded street. Event Horizon , hdvideo, 4min, 2010. A landscape is gradually engulfed by an approaching black hole Birds of Prey – Semâ Bekirovic from We Love You So on Vimeo.

Ed Emshwiller

Ed Emshwiller – Thanatopsisenvoyé par MisterNatural. – Court métrage, documentaire et bande annonce.