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Dalibor Martinis

The work is site specific, the content and the medium are created taking into account the specific spatial and social context of Rosenheim. Binary code of the message was “written” by parking new, black and silver cars (VW Golfs) into the approx. 100 m long row along the main city square. Drivers one after the other drove the cars into the square so, that something which at the beginning looked as two or three wrongly parked cars grew into the huge parking lot. The cars of two different colours were arranged so that finally the text of a coded message was written along the square. Although probably no one of the passers-by could read it the message attracted great, if not always positive, interest. The whole action-performance of parking cars has been documented on video. (*VHS video) On January 2, 2004 Dalibor Martinis put a sum of money equivalent to 365 shares into the ZB Trend Investment Fund. Since on this day the price of one share in the ZB Trend was 102.22 euros, the amount invested equals 37,310.3 euros. The money was invested with an investment term of one year, i.e., 365 days, and constitutes the funds of the