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Parken Verboten

The work is site specific, the content and the medium are created taking into account the specific spatial and social context of Rosenheim. Binary code of the message was “written” by parking new, black and silver cars (VW Golfs) into the approx. 100 m long row along the main city square. Drivers one after the other drove the cars into the square so, that something which at the beginning looked as two or three wrongly parked cars grew into the huge parking lot. The cars of two different colours were arranged so that finally the text of a coded message was written along the square. Although probably no one of the passers-by could read it the message attracted great, if not always positive, interest. The whole action-performance of parking cars has been documented on video.
(*VHS video)

Artists on Strike, 1977

Variable Risk Landscape

On January 2, 2004 Dalibor Martinis put a sum of money equivalent to 365 shares into the ZB Trend Investment Fund. Since on this day the price of one share in the ZB Trend was 102.22 euros, the amount invested equals 37,310.3 euros. The money was invested with an investment term of one year, i.e., 365 days, and constitutes the funds of the Man Foundation.
The ZB Trend Investment Fund is managed by ZB Invest, the Zagrebacka banka owned company for the management of investment funds. Zagrebacka banka d.d. carries out deposit bank operations for the funds of ZB Invest. PricewaterhouseCoopers d.o.o. has been appointed auditor of the investment funds managed by ZB Invest.

While the project is in progress, the artist/investor will go once a month up into the hills to hike the amplitudes that are shown by the worth of the investment for the current month. The appropriate altitudes will be measured with an altimeter. Thus the artist/investor will experience the changes in the value of his investment both financially and physically, and through movement in the natural landscape will reproduce the landscape of variable financial risk (the rise of the curve of the graph representing financial gain but at the same time physical loss, i.e., the additional physical effort, while fall in the value of the investment will entail a financial loss, but a physical gain, i.e., rest)
A Web site has been opened up to follow the course of the project in the physical and financial landscape with constantly updated information about the current worth of the investment and other financial indicators, such as changes in exchange rates and so on. An online computer and LCD monitor have been set up in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. The artist/investor will display project documentation in the context of artistic exhibitions and events.
At the end of the year the difference in the value of the investment 365 days after the investment will be determined, i.e., any profit there might be per share. Photographic and video documentation of the whole project will be on display. A large wall calendar for the past year, 2004, will be issued, which will monitor the artist’s perambulations in the hills (photographic documentation), and the movement of the value of the shares in the investment fund. Zagreb’s Museum of Contemporary Art will mount the event of the closure of the project, in which the residue of the whole annual profit after the costs of the project have been met will be spent by the division of the sum among all the spectators present at the closing event (the amount of the profit to be divided by the number of those attending). If the project makes a loss (either because of the unexpected fall in the value of the shares or because of costs higher than those planned), this will be debited to the artist/investor.
The selling price of the work Variable Risk Landscape by Dalibor Martinis corresponds to the value in euros of 365 shares in the ZB investment fund on the day of the sale.

The Man Foundation will seek additional resources for the Variable Risk Landscape and encourage donations and sponsorships. The Man Foundation will keep books and cover the costs of the project. All security is provided by the founder. The Man is totally dedicated to matters concerning the Variable Risk Landscape Project and will carry out no kind of transactions apart from these. After the closure of the project, the Man Foundation will go out of business.

Website Variable Risk Landscape

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