Rainer Gamsjäger


Trifter Serie (VIDEO 2007, 720p HD, 8:27 min)

A slow pan along a forest that breaks off at a small terrace in the foreground of the picture: Slender conifers stretch upwards over cut and fallen trunks, dead branches and roots, churned soil and dry grass, and parade past one another, structuring the space to impenetrable depths. The apparent naturalism does not hold up for long. Something is not quite right with this picture, this movement. In the background the trunks begin to stretch out horizontally. Has the image been digitally altered? Have artificial effects been applied to the idyllic scene? Not at all. Instead, the image as a whole turns out to be artificial, its realism the result of elaborate reconstruction. TRIFTER 1 strains at the synapses. Training for the digital. (Thomas Korschil)

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