MANYSTUFF «Kunstkammer, The representation of an amateur wonder-room»
From 28th January to 25th March 2011
Launch on Friday 28th January from 6pm to 9pm.
12MAIL… a Red Bull Space, 12 rue du Mail 75002 Paris.

MANYSTUFF offers a daily selection of designers and international projects and events in graphic design. Followed by thousands of people each day, the blog is read all over, from Paris to London, New York to Berlin, Seoul, Zurich and Amsterdam. Manystuff aims to become the mirror of a practice, the reflection of a landscape, within the framework of administrator Charlotte Cheetham’s daily favourites. Extending its activity as well as continuously promoting new projects, Manystuff will now be editing and working as a commission for new publications specialized in graphic design. By investing in these different activities, the blog aims to develop a laboratory for reflection and experimentation and perfect a process which is currently lacking both formal and theoretical approaches.

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