Lossless challenges



Lossless challenges the representational nature of photography by re-ordering the digital photograph, using Processing and a custom QuickSort algorithm. The majority of photographs are now stored as pixels, where each pixel is a representation of specific values of color, brightness, saturation, etc.

Our works are re-ordered and removed from their previous context while still being an accurate representation of every single pixel in the original image. This process allows the image to function as a unique object and set of information rather than an object devoid of its own context.

In this process, the image now functions conceptually as a collection of visualized data rather than a mechanical/digital reproduction of reality. The action of re-organizing the photograph makes tangible the traditionally transparent functioning of the medium.

You may submit an image for sorting to the following email address:

When submitting an image, you agree that the image may be used for exhibition or sale.

Jordan Tate + Adam Tindale

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